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Polytechnic magazine T+T Technika a trh

T+T Technika a trh magazine – your guide through the world of industry. A monthly about current affairs in the area of both domestic and international markets. The magazine provides above all introduction of contemporary level and supply of industrial machinery and technology to people working in technologies, construction and investments.


Technika a trh magazine is distributed directly to its subscribers and people with significant decision making influence in industry. Aside from direct mailing and subscription it is possible to get the magazine through distribution companies, and you can read it in technical libraries and it is also distributed on trade-fairs and exhibitions corresponding to the topics of particular issues.

Electronic weekly e-mail newsletter T+Tnews

T+T News is an electronic weekly e-mail newsletter, prepared by the editors of Technika a Trh magazine, where through shorts reports readers get introduced to news from the domestic and foreign industry. Thanks to rate of spread and availability of the e-mail, T+T News inform our readers about latest trends in research, development and production very easily. T+T News is released weekly and sent free of charge via e-mail every Thursday afternoon. The *.html format for news was chosen, with pictures inserted into text in form of link to our home web pages. Also long articles continue at our web pages, they are saved in our www archive. Every issue of T+T news contents opening part dedicated to anniversaries and matters of interest and continues with latest news in following order: latest news/current market, technics, technologies, instrumentation and control, operation and transport, ecology, trade-fairs and exhibitions, TV tips, book tips. T+T news can thanks to the internet smoothly and reliably inform our readers about latest trends on the market.

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